Tablature guitare : Coldplay – Sparks


Tabbed by:gk1080

Tuning:E,A,D,G,B,d    Capo=fret 6 (chords relative to capo)


Bbm7 = 022000                               
Bbmmaj9 = x64000                     
Bbm7/Db = x75000                        
Db9 = x87000                               
Gdim = x42000
Gbmaj7 = x23000                                                  
Dbmaj7 = x54000
Bbm7 = x75000
Ebmadd9 = 577500
Db = 355400

Intro In this order = Bbm7  Bbm maj9  Bbm7/Db  Db9  Gdim  Gmaj7

Verse chords = Dbmaj7  Bbm7  Ebmadd9  Db

Chorus same as intro.


Dbmaj7           Bbm7
Did I drive you away
Dbmaj7         Bbm7
I know what you say
You say ohhhh
Dbmaj7                  Db
Sing one you know


Bbm7     Bbm(maj9)          Bbm7/Db                  Db9        Gdim Gmaj7
singing oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

          Dbmaj7             Bbm7
Well I saw sparks

Repeat until end,  finish on Dbmaj7

These chords are 100% right listen to song for timing, enjoy.....